Ray of Hope for a New Image

My image Ray of Hope is part of the online portion of the Center for Photographic Art’s 2021 Members Juried Exhibition. They selected up to 50 pieces for their gallery and up to another 45 for the online show. 


It’s always nice to be selected, especially when the juror has to choose from nearly 2,000 entries. This particular selection is special to me because I’ve long believed in this photo but previously it hadn’t been selected for any of the previous shows I’d submitted to. I think it’s meaningful for me because, while it was it was made during a time of success and triumph, it is flanked by two very emotionally upsetting times in my recent life. It reminds me that even in times of despair there is always a ray of hope that things will get better, even if you can’t see it. It was also made while photographing one of my favorite underwater partners: the young daughter of a loved one. I’ve made a lot of beautiful pictures with her and this is one of my favorites.

You can see the rest of the gallery here.

Center of Photography 2021 Member Juried Exhibition

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