This is a new image for showing , but one I made a couple of years ago. It currently appears on Art Fluent’s gallery for their online show “Figures.” You can see the show here. Model is IG: christelleflow

Marin Society of Artists

Time’s Arrow makes another appearance this month, this time at the online show “Artist’s Vision 2022” at the Marin Society of Artists. You can see the whole online show here.

The Contemporary at Northern Waters

Today The Contemporary opens their show “Self-Taught Genius” at their Northern Waters casino and resort in Watersmeet, Michigan. Among the display is my image “Reflection.”

Back at Hopkins

I am starting off the year with three pieces at the Hopkins Center for the Arts in their 27th Arts North International show. They selected 158 works from 800 submitted. I missed the streamed awards show last night, but at some point there will be video on their site. In

Tokyo IFA

I received an Official Selection for this year’s Tokyo Int’l Foto Awards. Essentially this means I made it to the last round of judging, but didn’t get an award or honorable mention. I’ve not had a lot of success at TIFA; my best was an honorable mention for a color

New York Photography Awards

A sister competition to the Muse Awards (also launched this year), some of my usual suspects received a few pieces of (virtual) silver. The Dreamtime series collected four silvers in some of the many many categories.

Verum Ultimum

Into Dreamtime has another appearance, this time in the online show at the Verum Ultimum show entitled “A Generous Kingdom 6.” You can see the gallery and link to the two virtual galleries here where Into Dreamtime is the featured image. You can also read the blog post here.

Modern Visual Arts (MVA) Gallery

The current exhibition, “Celebrate Art – Open Call,” opened at the MVA Gallery in Bethlehem, PA, on December 10th. Two of my most successful pieces are in display. The show will run through January 16 2022.

Budapest International Foto Awards 2021

I received an honorable mention at the Budapest International Foto Awards (BIFA) for 2021. They have a series of these including the International Foto Awards, Tokyo, Moscow, and Paris (PX3). Since the world is competing it’s harder to score higher, but it’s nice to hold ground in the honorable mention

A Perfect Moment

The Cultural Center of Cape Cod’s current online exhibition is live at their site. A couple of the usual suspects appear in the show. “Saturday Afternoon” can be seen in the gallery on my casual page in the awards gallery.

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