Flagler County Art League

Last fall I won my first blue ribbon. I was stunned.

Sunday I received news that made last years’s news pale in comparison.

I’d entered three images into the Flagler County Art League’s virtual contest and all three had been accepted. Two were color, which is not my usual fare, but these were exceptions and I wanted to see if they’d land.

“Malestrom” was accepted into the show but didn’t place, but still it’s a new image that was accepted. I’ll take it.

The second image “Reflection” has had small success with both the color and black and white versions. This image is one of VERY few that I’d conceived before shooting it and it came out close to what I’d been trying for. It doesn’t happen very often, but I love the image and the model, Perrin Marie, really gave it life.

It received THIRD PLACE in the “Photographic Art” category and…FIRST PLACE IN SHOW.

Now, I should mention that First Place in Show is actually the SECOND highest honor. There is also a BEST IN SHOW…which brings me to the final image.

Those of you who have followed me at all in the last few years have come to know this image. “Into Dreamtime” is my most successful image, or at least the most displayed (including international showings) and has won a second and two third places along with various honors.

But no blue.

Until Sunday.

It was First Place in the Black and White / Monochrome category.

But…as if that wasn’t enough…

………it won…




It’s still a little hard to believe.

From the official write up:

I believe this is one of the finest photography shows I’ve had the pleasure to judge. The quality of the entries
is very high.
It was not easy to pick the award winners as I was limited to the number of awards I could give for each
category based upon the number of entries in each category. I therefore gave special awards of excellence to
those entries I felt deserved recognition but couldn’t receive a category award due to this limitation.
I compliment you all for your fine photography. Very well done.
Bob Carlsen

Best of Show “Into Dreamtime” Digital Archival Print By Michael Potts
This is a wonderful photograph from a different perspective, underwater. It shows a boy having just dived into
the water with outstretched arms, the bubbles that follow him and the disruption of the surface. The photo in
black & white allows you to thinks about the boy and the calm expression on his face. The white areas form
an “I-beam” of white that perfectly balances its sharp elements. Excellent work.

1st Place of Show “Reflection” Archival Print By Michael Potts
Here we have a formally posed photo of a woman looking into a wooden bowl, yet it seems informal. It’s as if
we just came upon her sitting there. The side lighting gives the women an intimacy and mystique. She’s
naked and might be sitting inside of a room or hut for privacy. The lighting might be coming through a
doorway. I wonder what she’s thinking about. She seems sad, but why so? The colors are perfectly balanced
and the sharpness of the photo shows details and textures. This is a wonderful photographic art portrait.

I cannot thank those enough who have supported, encouraged, and especially given of their time and selves. It is…humbling is overused, but really it is humbling and amazing to have achieved what I have in the six years since I started doing this seriously. I never imagined my work would be so pleasing to people and that people would be willing to work with me and my silly ideas and to bring their own and trust me with them. I am grateful to everyone who has worked with me and enjoyed my work and I am grateful to have been blessed with a talent I can share.

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