London International Creative Competition 2021

Today I received notice that my submission of underwater images received another “Official Selection” from the LICC for the 2021 competition (everything was submitted last year, they just didn’t have results until now). This means that it made it into the final round of voting, but did not win an actual award. Still, consistency is something. It received an honorable mention in 2019, and made it to the final round the last two years. I am unsure if this is because it’s an ongoing project (and I list it as such) or if there is some other factor. In 2019 I don’t think they had the official selections; I think it was added for 2020 (as well as their other international competitions).

Also I noticed that I was listed under the “professional” category, which technically isn’t true since I don’t make a living from the work. Maybe I’d do better in the amateur category, which is usually where I list myself.

In either event, got another badge.

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