2022 Boulder Art Association National Juried Art Exhibition at R Gallery 

Two pieces are on display at the National Juried Art Exhibition put on by the Boulder Art Association at R Gallery. Once is a familiar sight but the other is one I’ve recently put into rotation that has started to gain some attention.

For the show I called it “Vivian’s Cove – The Leap.” This is a play on the model’s moniker “Vivian Cove.” If you get a chance to work with her, do it, she’s great.

The other is “Reflection” with Perrin Marie (another model you should work with if you’re working with models.). I’m convinced much of the success of the picture is due to her creating the mood. This is why we hire professionals.

You can see both photos online and the rest of the show here. The show opened April 27th and will run through May 29th.

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